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Global Helicopter Service achieves PART-CAMO compliance

GHS has received final approval to the EASA Part-CAMO standards. Seven years after securing our EASA Part-M approval we have successfully managed the transition into the new Part-CAMO regulatory environment. This important approval recognises the well-established, mature, Safety Management System (SMS) as the backbone to the operation implemented across the entire organisation.

This exceptional achievement assures we are in compliance with latest regulatory requirements that allow us to provide continued, failsafe support to our customers. Our team attests to more than 70 years of combined staff experience in specialized helicopter operations in harsh and difficult environments managed to Part CAMO standards, underpinned by a high ratio of experienced type rated engineers.

GHS generally operate leased aircraft and we pride ourselves on the effective and efficient manner aircraft are processed and approved for use on our AOC. Our team is well prepared for quick turnaround in resolving shortcomings and defects through a very well-established working relationship between the CAMO and Part-145 departments.

Further to this our scope of approval has been enhanced to include the airworthiness review certification for the Sikorsky S76C++.

These milestones continue to demonstrate GHS’ uncompromising commitment to safety and reliability, which have been central to our business since its foundation in 2014.

“Safety has always been our top priority. Thus, we are very proud that thanks to great teamwork we have managed the achievement of being fully Part CAMO compliant, which is imperative to the company staying current and ahead of the market” says Dominik Goldfuss, CEO.

Congrats to our ambitious CAMO Team for this outstanding achievement!