Awarded Contract for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Global Helicopter Service (GHS) is excited about being awarded a unique helicopter service contract by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to provide passenger and cargo flights for ICRC personnel in the North Eastern State of Borno in Nigeria.

The contract commenced in March 2019 and includes standby services utilizing the Bell 412 for immediate tasking to meet their requirements in the region. GHS are proud to be selected by the ICRC who have put their trust in the company to provide these services. GHS are extremely confident that with the experience gained in providing similar services to other humanitarian organisations in the region over the last 3.5 years that it can deliver a robust, safe, cost effective and fit for purpose service on a long-term basis.

GHS Helicopters is one of Germany`s leading helicopter service providers, with its headquarters in Ainring, Germany and bases in Abuja, Nigeria and Durban, South Africa.

GHS has proven its capabilities whilst assisting with the Ebola crises in West Africa for a period of more than 2 years and is now providing transportation for humanitarian organisations in Nigeria starting in 2016 with an operational fleet of six aircraft onsite in Maiduguri to meet the demanding daily requirements of the humanitarian community in the region.

In 2018 GHS has flown in excess of 5,000 flight hours, transported approximately 45,000 passengers and moved over 210,000 kg of cargo.

GHS Awarded EDA Framework Contracts

Global Helicopter Service GmbH are pleased to announce the award of European Defence Agency (EDA) multiple framework contracts which encompasses providing helicopters and fixed wing In-theatre Aeromedical Evacuation Services (Airmedevac) in Africa and Europe. The contracts are available to support upon their request to all EDA participating Member States (MS), EU entities as well as Third States having an administrative arrangement with EDA.

Providing in-theatre aeromedical evacuation services is often a challenge for Member States in both National and Multinational operations as the resources are often not available with outsourcing to private companies being the only solution. GHS have extensive experience in providing Airmedevac services to NGO’s in austere, remote and challenging operating environments while still ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency which was a key factor in the award of these multiple framework contracts making GHS one of the tree (lead) contenders to provide services to EDA in the future. 

The overall purpose of the Airmedevac project is to efficiently provide contributing members with an option to order ready-to-use commercially available in-theatre aeromedical evacuation services through EDA. The Airmedevac services will be used to evacuate patients from the point of injury to the initial Medical Treatment Facility or transfer between in-theatre Medical Treatment Facilities.

Time after time, experience shows that contracting on the spot, under time pressure is invariably not a cost-effective and efficient solution. The alternative to this is the award of framework agreements, which EDA have concluded with companies like GHS who are capable of providing the required services at the highest European standards and ensuring immediate availability of services all of which reduces the administrative burden on the individual MS while achieving economies of scale. In addition with its vast experience in Aviation operations and management GHS will be able to support EDA and provide pro-active technical advice to both EDA and the end users to ensure that the project scope of work is fit for purpose and that the services are provided at the best value for money. 


October 10th was another exciting milestone accomplished for GHS, after countless hours put in by our flight ops team we achieved a lasting desired goal to become a certified Helicopter Hoist Operator (HHO). With over 250 practical hoist cycles in a sequence of over three days, we achieved the last requirement for the approval certificate. Amongst this training, we qualified three of our highly trained Type Rating Instructors (TRI) and Examiners (TRE) for further company internal HHO training. As well for this hoist training, a well experienced and highly qualified Hoist-Operator-Instructor joined the GHS team to train further hoist operators to outstanding standards. With the accepted HHO approval, GHS will heavily focus on additional segments in which we can further assist our clients.

GHS approved EASA HEMS operator

We are pleased to announce that GHS is an approved EASA HEMS operator. Here at GHS we are excited to establish a footprint in the air ambulance rescue sector and look forward to working with our partners across the region.

As the demand continues to surge for qualified rescue operators, we understand our client’s needs and will actively provide our services at the highest quality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information

UNHAS rewards GHS’s bid for 4th heli in Nigeria

GHS is honored to announce their latest bid rewarded by UNHAS for it’s forth Bell 412 helicopter. Previously GHS had three Bell 412’s on mission for charter flights in the Boko Haram hostile environments in Maiduguri.

Due to our crew’s exceptional performance in the field, we are thrilled to see our alliance properly develop through the three years working together with United Nations.

H225 is Flying on GHS AOC

GHS is very pleased to announce its latest fleet addition, with the delivery of a brand-new mission ready H225. The H225 has already demonstrated its exceptional potential and superior performance during an interesting ferry and demonstration flight through Europe.

Our H225 is mission ready and utility configured, waiting for new challenges – anytime, anywhere.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

GHS Setting High Standards in Helicopter Operations

Global Helicopter Service is the 150th Aircraft Operator to join the BARS Program and GHS is the seventh
European operator to achieve BARS Registration and second German operator.

The Flight Safety Foundation has established a global aviation safety standard designed to improve safety in operations involving remote and hazardous environments. The Program aims to raise aviation safety standards assisting resource companies with the management of aviation risk for their personnel. GHS recently successfully was audited and accredited with BARS Registration. This standard is recognised by many professional organisations worldwide.

“We are proud of joining the BARS Program,” GHS CEO Dominik Goldfuss said, “it will contribute to our continuing improvements to our operation standards being monitored by highly experienced aviation auditors and evaluated against a worldwide industry developed aviation standard.”

Global Helicopter Service GmbH was founded in January 2014 and entered the market as a new but highly
motivated, German Helicopter Service Provider with a well-rounded background. Their services include complete Operational Support in Commercial Helicopter Air Transport and related maintenance. GHS has a strong track record; operating humanitarian and mission-critical helicopters, especially in West and Central Africa for the United Nations/World Food Program (UN/WFP), Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) and other end users.

Ursula Pöcklhofer

GHS Helicopters Complete UN Emergency Mercy Missions

Source: Vertical Mag: On 18th of January, three GHS Helicopters were re-tasked at short notice from WFP missions to respond to an urgent demand for airlift of injured civilian casualties from a “friendly fire incident” in the North East region of Nigeria, Rann.

The GHS Bell 412 and Bell 212 helicopters are based in Maiduguri on a WFP Aid contract but when the
incident was reported, GHS were called upon to respond by assisting moving medical teams,
equipment and evacuating injured civilians. The GHS in-country team were very quick to react. The
helicopters were re-roled with stretcher systems and were immediately tasked demonstrating again,
that GHS is a very dynamic, capable and mission focused company. Eight missions were flown in direct
support of the incident and more missions for GHS are planned over the next few days. Dozens of
injured victims could be rescued.

GHS has a proven history in supporting NGO’s in difficult and demanding environments. During the
recent Ebola Crisis in West Africa, GHS responded and flew for MSF and UNWFP/UNMEER and UK
DFID/Gritrock, directly supporting the international Ebola response.

Borno State: On 17th January 2017, at approx 12:00hrs, an Air force Alpha Jet committed a friendly
fire incident by dropped 02 bombs on an IDP camp at Rann village of Kala Balge LGA, killing possibly
as many as 20 international aid workers injured as well as between 52-100+ IDPs killed and between
120-150 others injured. The exact number of casualties has not yet been ascertained but many of
those killed are allegedly children. The incident allegedly occurred when the fighter jet flew over the
camp and dropped the bombs in the camp during a food distribution exercise before ground troops
could communicate with the pilot about what it was.

Source: Vertical Mag