GHS’s recent move to our new company headquarters in Kirchanschöring has led to us being able to prepare and fly our helicopters from the home base and offer an air ambulance service as well as aerial firefighting services in Germany and neighboring countries

The start of summer will inevitably mean that wildfires will become increasingly common and GHS is available to despatch our highly experienced crews and Bell 412 helicopters to immediately assist in the extinguishing of fires.

GHS believes that integrated planning, prevention, and immediate intervention are critical in the fight against wildfires and we have pilots and crews with years of experience from fire-fighting operations in Southern Europe, a mission-ready Bell 412, one of the best helicopters for fighting vegetation fires, available to carry out firefighting missions 7 days a week.

The use of helicopters for aerial firefighting is still developing in Germany and there are insufficient air assets and pilots with firefighting experience. This shortcoming and the fact that local officials are not aware of the existing helicopter service results in unnecessary danger to residents and emergency services and costly avoidable environmental damage.

GHS has taken extraordinary measures to ensure we protect our employees against the COVID-19 outbreak while safeguarding our ability to continue to provide these critical operations which protect our communities and their property, therefore, in collaboration with the local authorities, GHS will apply specific COVID-19 protocols across our firefighting operations.