October 10th was another exciting milestone accomplished for GHS, after countless hours put in by our flight ops team we achieved a lasting desired goal to become a certified Helicopter Hoist Operator (HHO). With over 250 practical hoist cycles in a sequence of over three days, we achieved the last requirement for the approval certificate. Amongst this training, we qualified three of our highly trained Type Rating Instructors (TRI) and Examiners (TRE) for further company internal HHO training. As well for this hoist training, a well experienced and highly qualified Hoist-Operator-Instructor joined the GHS team to train further hoist operators to outstanding standards. With the accepted HHO approval, GHS will heavily focus on additional segments in which we can further assist our clients.

Global Helicopter Service provides RTS, CAMO, & Part 145 maintenance service for H225

The complexity of operating helicopters requires exceptional industry experience, combined with outstanding recognition of customer needs and requirements. No matter if it’s single tasks such as CAMO control, Part 145 maintenance orders, quality control and storage, Return to Service (RTS) requirements or Full-Service Helicopter Management– our customers can depend on our years of experience - anytime, anywhere.

Currently, with our avionics engineers and eight personal H225 qualified maintenance team, we manage three H225 aircraft under our CAMO services and part 145 maintenance department. Two of which are in fully operational condition, another that is going through our Return to Service (RTS) inspection.



Aligned with the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) to provide specialized services for the inspection, maintenance and quality control of aircraft. Our CAMO Services include:

  • Full diagnosis & Lease Return Service
  • CAMO - Part M certificate
    • Safe and precise oversight of own aircraft
    • Continuing airworthiness management for third party aircraft
    • Airworthiness reviews and recommendations
    • Consulting services
    • Maintenance planning
    • Training type level 1

Part 145

Highly qualified GHS technicians provide maintenance services at our Part 145 facility, which is required to undergo regular quality audits, along with adherence to GHS safety principles and optimized task planning.

  • H225 Return to Service (RTS)
  • Single scheduled maintenance events
  • Modifications and implementations of STC's.
  • Base/Line maintenance performed by the GHS EASA Part 145 within CAMO guidelines.
  • Avionic inspections and reviews
  • Special tool rental
  • EASA-approved maintenance stations are available worldwide for any destination where services are required-whether an international airport or a remote desert location.


At GHS we understand that proper storage is a critical factor in assuring an aircraft is maintained in a "ready now" status for immediate mobilization when required. In a climatized, clean and safe environment we provide all necessary measures to store the aircraft in line with manufacturer instructions.

  • Hangar space only
  • Short-term storage (12 months or less)
  • Long-term storage (12 months or more)


We focus in providing our services to our customers as simple as possible, we recognize and believe that our clients should not have to be troubled during any of the mobilization processes furthermore to allow them to remain focused on their daily responsibilities. With our extensive partnerships and expert logistics team, we can arrange all transportation requirements for aircraft mobilization from our clients' location to our storage and maintenance facility. Our goal is to provide a problem free experience for all our clients. Let us do what we do best to allow our clients to do theirs.

  • Ground Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Sea Transportation


Through our internal GHS Quality Control, we can ensure that service intervals are followed, and maintenance tasks are performed precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information


GHS approved EASA HEMS operator

We are pleased to announce that GHS is an approved EASA HEMS operator. Here at GHS we are excited to establish a footprint in the air ambulance rescue sector and look forward to working with our partners across the region.

As the demand continues to surge for qualified rescue operators, we understand our client's needs and will actively provide our services at the highest quality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information

UNHAS rewards GHS’s bid for 4th heli in Nigeria

GHS is honored to announce their latest bid rewarded by UNHAS for it's forth Bell 412 helicopter. Previously GHS had three Bell 412's on mission for charter flights in the Boko Haram hostile environments in Maiduguri.

Due to our crew's exceptional performance in the field, we are thrilled to see our alliance properly develop through the three years working together with United Nations.